Early Morning Musing
Early Morning Musing

Four hours of sleep. Again.

But it's good for productivity.

The reason I mention the lack of rest is more due to general warning than anything else. You know, in case I go off the rails here and the first post to the new blog becomes gibberish.

So why no sleep despite a new Sealy mattress?

I feel like writing. I always feel like writing. Thing is, I’ve not done much of it these past few weeks due to demands other aspects of life have placed on me. The voices in my head are demanding attention. I hope I can give it to them soon.

Funny thing, writing.

It is my blessing and curse; my craft, religion. Writing has almost always been there. It was there when my father went to prison for the first time when I was five, again when I turned ten, and at the age of twelve after he abandoned us. It was there when my best friend committed suicide. It stayed with me throughout high school after which I worked at a meat packing plant, and when I played pool for a living. Writing has been with me through thick and thin, good and bad, for better and worse.

Huh, sounds like a marriage, doesn’t it? I suppose writing is in a way. The only break I ever took…guess you can call it a mini-separation…occurred when I became homeless.

Tch-tch, no sad faces now. Homelessness happened some time ago. Life has since improved…A LOT. I found stability in Phoenix where I taught myself computer science then went to work for the Japanese firm that bought out my software review website. Afterwards, I became a contractor and worked for every type business ranging from mom & pop shops to global conglomerates, yadda-yadda-yadda.  Eventually, I moved back to my beloved Colorado, to the top of a mountain miles away from any neighbor. That was lovely. At least until I awoke one morning to the realization so much snow had fallen, I was unable to see my Toyota FJ40.

The mountain, however, gave me much. Serenity, for one. Mystica for another. The idea for my Fantasy series dawned one evening while I soaked in a hot-tub and watched the aforementioned snowfall. That was eight years ago. I’ve been diligently creating the world for Mystica ever since and have been writing stories for it over the last year, albeit out of order. Magica (#1), Tragicus (#5), and Lucha (#4) are already done. Now comes Fera and Letum, books two and three respectively. There are additional stories. Ten, perhaps more.

So there you have it. Me and Mystica in a nutshell. Well, almost.

Not long after I moved back to the desert, I fell in love for the last time and got married to the lovely Cinta with whom I live on the Costa del Sol.

See, told you my life had improved. 


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