Cristiana Character Portrait (Final)
Cristiana Character Portrait (Final)

I’m not crazy. Let’s establish that up front, shall we? It’s important that we do before I tell you how Mystica came to be, that the idea for Mystica started with a single voice in my head that was not my own. The voice whispered:

“Psst, I have a story to tell you.”

Come to find out, that voice belonged to Cristiana. The story she told me is actually the third in the Mystica series and is about her trying to find the man she loves after he mysteriously vanishes. Here, you see her as she appears in Fera, the second book in the Mystica series. At the time of Fera, she is as a lass of thirteen, the offspring of a thief from the dregs and a noble woman, both of whom had a penchant of magic about them.

Now, Cristiana, she doesn’t manipulate metal like her father, nor can she handle fire like her mother. No, Cristiana’s talent is quite different. She’s an enraged warrior. Those speaking Latin would call her Bellator Irata, but English speakers would categorize her as a berserker. Small in stature she might be, but don’t let that fool you. Cristiana can accomplish great physical feats when in a highly enraged state.

That’s a good thing considering the madman who hunts her…

Cristiana Character Portrait

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