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A New Kind of Fantasy

What would you do to save the person you love most?

Magic has waned for eons and is almost gone from Mystica, to the point most are unaware magic exists.

Rufus Lanus counts among those who know. He has a special gift that made him a talented thief as a boy, but his gift came with a price. It killed his mother and nearly lost him his freedom. Now a man in his early twenties, he is married to a wonderful woman and lives honestly working as a dung hauler.

Unfortunately, things take a dire turn when Rufus's wife falls prey to an arcane disease. The only way he can save her is by stealing an endangered herb from the most powerful person in the city. In the process, he uncovers the truth about the gods, comes face-to-face with demigods, and forever changes Mystica.

Magica (a Fantasy novella) is the first entry in the Mystica series. Each story in the series is a stand-alone, very personal in nature, and full of intrigue. Collectively, the books reveal what happens to a world when magic returns and becomes a fifth element.

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Punisher Character Portrait (Final)


Punisher Character Portrait (Final)

Fera is a rather dark tale; certainly, darker and grittier than is Magica with fewer ties to classical elements. Here we get a brief glimpse of the differences in this story about a young girl (Cristiana) who’s being chased by a madman and his henchman.

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